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„Deponija“ d.o.o. Podgorica, was established by the decision of the Capital City – Podgorica no. 01 – 030/06-9977 from 27th December 2006 and it was registered in the Central Registry of the Commercial Court in Podgorica on 2nd April 2007 under registration number 5 – 0367290 / 001.


By the Founding Document the following tasks were entrusted to the Company: construction, use and maintenance of municipal waste landfill, recycling of metal and non-metal waste and scrap and transport of raw materials, for the jobs that are in public interest for the city and its citizens.


By the Strategic Master Plan for Waste Management at National Level in Montenegro, landfill “Livade” in Podgorica is determined as regional landfill for municipal waste of Capital City Podgorica, Cetinje and municipality Danilovgrad.