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The Company is managed by the founder, Assembly of the Capital City, in a manner and under conditions established by the Decision on the Establishment and the Statute of "Deponija” doo Podgorica.

Bodies of the company are: The Board of Directors and Executive Director. The Board of Directors is the governing body of the company, and the Executive Director is the management body of the company.

Acting Executive Director of the company is Arsenije Boljevic, economist.

The Board of Directors of „Deponija“ d.o.o. consists of:

Milanka Otović - Predsjednik
Anton Koljčević - Član
Nikolina Mirotić - Član
Jovan Đurišić - Član
Lazar Martinović - Član

The main forms of organization of the company, in accordance with the Statute of the company, are the following departments:

Department of Technical Operations
Department of Economic and Legal Affairs

Department of Technical Operationsperforms technical, operational and other activities, within which working units and a department are organized:

WU „Maintenance of the landfill“
WU „Recycling of secondary raw materials“
Department for technical preparation, programming and development

The Department of Economic and Legal Affairs carries out the economic, legal and other corporate functions, and the department is organized as follows:

Department of Economic and Financial Affairs
Department of Legal and General Affairs